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Gives Light (Gives Light Series)

Gives Light - Rose Christo I'm very happy to have this book. Gives Light probably the best mm series have ever written. I mean this book is not just only for those who love glbt genre. But this very book is for everyone out there.

"He knew what I was feeling, if not what I was thinking. He made me feel like I had a voice."

This book undeniably demonstrates to every reader what a true love is.

Don't get me wrong. Its not what you think. Its not the poor-pretty-girl-meets-young-handsome-prince way. But the love in general.

"Getting Raphael to smile always felt like a personal victory."

I learned from this book that love is not just a word with four letters; L- O-V- and E. But the love that sees no fault and the love that loves unconditionally.

If you want to feel whay I've felt. Just buy the book and fall in love with it. And be prepared to be overwhelmed because the author filled the story with great characters, especially Skylar that dumbass Raphael. Every chapters is heartwarming. And at the end of the book, allows a single tear to shed and brace yourself for the next book.