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VS Aliens

VS Aliens - Yu Suzuki There's no doubt that this is one of the cutest manga I have read. This is the kind of book you should pick up whenever you're in bad mood or just annoyed by the book you've recently read. It was a funny and light read. That will surely give smile to your face and brighten your day.

Everything about the story would keep you turn the pages and the art was fabulous. It added to the cuteness of the manga and gave more life to the characters. So I had no problem with discerning this certain character from the others. But the only con with this one was the ending. Yes, It was like a fantasy book with a protagonist fighting demons or monsters but it would end up with the character waking and realizing that everything was just a nightmare. Of course the character here wasn't dreaming or whatever but close to the said idea. And also the realization was thrown out easily not giving the readers the chance to guess or think.

But I was serious earlier about this manga uplifting your mood. Still recommended.