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Stones of Power

Stones of Power - Azumi Isora It is tough giving this manga a one star. And I really tried hard to devour everything the author has offered in this story. But that everything fails to keep my interest. The endless fish and the magic stone talking are tiresome in some way. I mean it is good that Isora includes facts about those expensive fishes and those power stones. But it overshadows the other elements of the story, like the characters. She digs out to much information about fishes and stones and almost forgets that there are actually people in the story to fill in. Which leads all the character to voice out every bit of informations about them to the readers. So it is like watching a commercial on tv, endorsing their product to the audience with a boring script. So I felt disengaged with all the characters. And only know one thing about them: they like fish. Gahh, fish again.

And after all that fishy thing talking, here comes a big big ball from only god knows where that holds a powerful monster or a snake something. And follows many things that no one seems to care about. And for the artwork, it's drawn like your typical manga. So no emphasizing on that part.

I'm not really sure if I'm going to recommend this manga. Maybe no. And before I end this review let me tell you something, this thing really bugs me from the very start, it's the Cafe Renan.This may be a petty observation but I haven't seen any other customers in the cafe nor the siblings serving coffee to anyone in the entire manga. But I've seen them selling stones but never a single cup of coffee. Nor doing any coffee related stuff. See? I told you it's not really important.