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Grasshopper Jungle

Grasshopper Jungle - Andrew  Smith Austin.

This is what I think about Austin.

He was an asshole. (He said it to himself by the way)

"I was being such an asshole to my two best friends"

I don't know if I would love or hate the character. I just don't know.

Maybe I'm 50% mad at Austin because I felt sorry for both Shann and Robby. They both deserved to be respected. Austin was selfish. And was so horny too all the time.

His kissed his girlfriend. He kissed his boy best friend. He wanted to have a threesome with them. He had sexual intercourse with Shann. He also wanted to have sexual intercourse with Shann and Robby's moms. EDEN NEEDS HIM!

He was not confused at all, especially at the age of 16. My God.

And 50% for pity. 'Coz Austin had B.O.


Here comes the god of all those shit alien bugs. Our Hero. Robby.

A queer who had feelings for his best friend Austin. Loved skateboarding and smoking around with Austin. Named his balls 'coz Austin did. Tried to save the humanity with Austin.

Seriously? Couldn't this guy live without Austin?

By the way, Robby truly deserved a Nobel Prize, a million dollar, and a trip to Sweden WITHOUT Austin. Deal with that.


Shann got pregnant at the age of 16. Good girl! EDEN NEEDS HER!

Everything was weird. The Dr. Grady McKeon's unstoppable corn that dissolves balls. Ingrid a golden retriever who couldn't bark and loved to shit. Satan's Pizza. And everything.