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The Unbound

The Unbound - Victoria Schwab ***This review contains some spoilers.

"For an instant, he stares at me, blue eyes wide. And then the light goes out of Owen's face"
He kept his word. He believed in something, however misguided.

Argh. I've never felt this sorry for an antagonist before. It just breaks my heart. Yeah. I know the fact that Mac has been through a lot because of Owen. But I dont know what the hell i am feeling right now.

But dont get me wrong. I liked the character of Mac. A girl who knew to kick history's butts back to the Returns. I was overwhelmed by the character.

Anyway, the turn of the events is fantastic. Its thrilling. Its never boring. I mean, I thought the whole story would be all about Mac endlessly hunting histories and sending their asses back to the Returns. But the story got more exciting when Mac came back to school. With new cool characters.

The twists are very shocking. The Unbound is great book for everyone who loves YA and Paranaormal and Mystery.

Im very glad I've read this novel. Cant wait for the next one.