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If I Stay

If I Stay - Gayle Forman If I Stay gained quite popularity over the internet for the past few weeks. With its good reviews from the readers. But what really made me into reading this book was I found out that there would be an upcoming movie of the novel and the lead character will be played by Chloe Moretz. And I was like, i must read the book asap before the movie comes out.

So the girl was Mia. A cellist. And a girlfriend to a cool rockstar Adam. Her parents were both adorable who used to be punks. And there was her cute little brother Teddy, who insisted to be called 'Ted' because he thought he wasn't a kid anymore. They were a happy family, bound with music.

Until a car accident occured when her family who gone for a visit. Leaving her the only survivor. She searched for her parents but they were both lifeless. And she looked for her little brother, but in her surprise she saw herself instead, covered with blood and lying on the snow.


The characters in the novel were very adorable. I liked how Mia used to play the cello because it reminds me of my favorite japanese singer who also plays the instrument. But the character sometimes managed to lose her confidence, doubting herself from doing anything. But Mia was very lucky to be surrounded with great people. There was her friend Kim who helped her to regain her interest to music. Her very supportive parents who left everything behind just to be good mom and dad to them.

And of course, there was this cool rockstar guy, Adam. A very fictitious character who would cross the deepest ocean and conquer the raging storm just to be with Mia. I like Adam here because her love to Mia was unconditionally. He never get bored hanging out with her, he tried to be okay with Mia's genre.

The turn of the events were very gloomy. There were a lot of deaths. It was a sad story. But do you know the feeling that you just started to like the character and suddenly would die after? Ouch. Just ouch.

If I Stay is a heartbreaking novel. Recommend this to everyone.