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Looks Over

Looks Over - Rose Christo Gives Light Series is definitely my favorite mm series. I'm really fond of it. I've been reading books with the same genre and this is my very first time encountering a gay series who doesn't give a damn about being one. No discrimination. No labeling. No raising of eyebrow. Everything is normal. No big deal. Just like reading a love story between a boy and a girl, whose gender is not the main conflict of the story.

Love is in every corners of this book. Rose Christo didn't just focus between the two characters Skylar and Rafael. But also to Sky's loving dad, Paul Looks Over. I was too overwhelmed with the great affection of Paul to his son. I haven't even noticed that I was already shedding tears. And as always, Rafael who never failed to fascinate the readers with his love for Sky.

Rose Christo also shows in her work how the native americans struggle to fight for their rights. I'm just hoping for them to have the victory of their goals.

This is such a great story that everyone should know about.