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Maybe With a Chance of Certainty

Maybe With a Chance of Certainty - John  Goode ***Warning: This is a negative review.

I feel bad about myself for not liking the book because everyone seems to enjoy it. But the whole review is based on my opinion.

First, the story lacks maturity. Why? The whole plot is terrible. It's a cliché story in its highest level like those annoying children books in a poor-pretty-girl-meets-young-handsome-prince-way. But this one is more likely to look like in a poor-smart-boy-meets-handsome-popular-guy-way.

The story follows two different teenagers. Kyle was the poor yet smart boy who lived with his dumbass mom. And he was the unpopular one who made himself distant from everyone else. And there was Brad. A popular baseball player who adored by everyone and lived with his wealthy family..But despite of the good image, no one knew he was broken inside.

That kind of concept is very familiar and overly used and childish.

Second, superbly annoying characters. Yeah. I know the fact that Kyle was deeply in love with Brad. But when Brad approached Kyle to talk something, it caused Kyle into erection. The heck was that?? Was that even 'love'? or 'lust'? or is that even normal, that seeing or talking to your crush causes you into erection?? oh God, can someone help me, please?

And for Brad, what the hell he was doing asking someone he barely knew to help him to study history? Where were his friends? oh I knew it! he liked Kyle too! You nailed it Perco! You nailed it! (-_-)

And this so-called love story between the two was just as rapid as a bullet. If we do the math, it took only few hours of their relationship for them to kiss each other, for Brad to share his feelings to a stranger. And it took only a day and half for them to messed up one another. My God. Were they kind in a hurry?

And that annoying part when Kyle and Brad argued, their conversation was very emotional like they've been together for years. Excuse me? You guys just been together for 2 days. Are they for real?

And the most ridiculous part is, when Brad tried to introduce his girlfriend to Kyle. And that was the time Kyle that acted differently that pissed off Brad. The hell??

Did Brad even forget that he had something with Kyle? That he and Kyle kissed each other, argued like they were married for years, and they even jerked off one another. Were those things as easy as clapping your hands to be easily forgotten? Maybe Brad was an superbly insensitive moron.

Lastly, the endless car metaphor. Im sorry but it was very tiring and boring. Dont know how to feel about that.

I dont know if i can recommend this to you but I heard the second book is better than this. I think its worth a shot.