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Suicide Watch

Suicide Watch - Kelley York Don't ask me if I liked the book, because i loved it!

First things first. The cover caught my attention. I liked it. It reminds me of one of my favorites anime character, 'L' from Death Note.

Anyway, Suicide Watch. That book. That book breaks my heart. God, I'm being emotional again. Don't do this to me.

Peraonally, the story really touched my heart. Its very heartwarming. Like i want to spend the whole day crying in my room and reminisce.

The book has great characters. Casper. Adam. Vincent. They are this kind of characters that would leave marks in your heart. And you are definitely gonna love and miss them.

And when I already finished the book, the feelings were overwhelming. I didn't know what to feel. Whether to be sad or happy. Nevertheless, it was a good ending. Good book!