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Wake - Amanda Hocking It begins with a boring narration and the thrilling part just started almost in the middle of the story.

If you're thinking that this whole thing has to do about mermaids. Sort of, but its not. They call themselves 'sirens'. Sirens are greek mythological creatures who were once human but cursed by a goddess. They are shape-shifters, they can turn into a mermaid with those sharp teeths, or turn into a giant bird, and back to human form. But what they eat? Humans.

Who doesn't like those things? So WAKE caught my attention.

I somehow liked how the story went. It was just that there were some cliche parts like a group of perfect hot girls came to your place out of nowhere. And mysterious crimes started to happen. And if I were just a little girl maybe I could appreciate the love teams between Gemma and Alex, and Harper and Daniel. It was not that appealing. I just didn't find it romantic at all. This was not that bad. Just that it didn't excite my interest. But it still a good book.