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Love Is In The Title

Love Is In The Title - R.J. Scott "I only saw you looking at me , 'cause I was watching you back"

Oh God. The feeling. It's overflowing. I couldn't stop myself from smiling like an idiot from the very start till the end of story. I had so much fun with the characters. They were adorable. And cute. Especially every time Luke feels awkward talking to the boy of his fantacies, Cameron. And I was like: for God's sake, Luke! You can do it! This sweet cute couple surely made my day. And the part where they were talking alone in the park and had their kisses. I was already fainting.What really made me liking this whole thing is that music put them together. I really listening to music aside from reading books. Just like what Luke said, he used music to block out the shit that sometimes got thrown his way. He nailed it. Seriously, I did really enjoy this a lot.