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Love Is In The Message

Love Is In The Message - R.J. Scott When his dad left he had promised her he would be her strength- he'd only been eight but he knew then he would never want to do anything to hurt her.

I imagined a small Luke telling this to his mom when their world seemed to fall apart. It was heartfelt and heartwarming. Seeing an innocent eight year old boy trying to be a brave man in a cruel world. It really did touch me. Apparently, this is the final book in the Love Series and probably the best among the first two. Because the minor characters were also given enough attention. It showed how supportive and great Luke's mom was. And also showing the possibility of Mitchell being with Luke's sister.

I'm very pleased how Cameron turned out to be in this last series. Because he suddenly became this kind of super sweet and very caring boyfriend. And started cracking jokes to Luke which was so cute. Like he treated Luke as his air and he couldn't live without him. Oh god. And I also admired how humble Luke was, to forgive Ryan- the man who almost killed him. That was great.

But I was not really satisfied with the conclusion. Because the story swiftly ended. I was so surprised seeing the words 'The End' so soon. I want more of Luke and Cam. I crave for them! Wish there would be another sequel.