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Just Between Us

Just Between Us - J.H. Trumble Why are you doing this Curtis?

But I know why. I can't help myself. I can't let him go. I'm as bound to him as the moon to the earth. He keeps me in orbit; and maybe I do the same for him.

Since when the last time I really cried over a book? Few days ago? Weeks ago? But honestly this story did a great job to get all the freaking emotions out of me. I smiled so wide like a psycho killer clown waiting for the next victim. And I cried silently crawling on my bed that hurt my throat.

A very compelling and heartbreaking novel that spoke to my heart. That opened my eyes wide to the things that needed to be seen and voicers needed to be heard.

J. H Trumble perfectly filled the book with great characters. I felt so close to everyone of them. That I could feel their love, joy, remorse, sadness, anger, fear. Curtis and Luke taught me everything not to stop fighting a battle even there is no assurance of winning. And the worst part is fighting without no one to hold on to. No one to share the burdens that weighing you down. Just fight. You have to.

This is not just about those people who have HIV/AIDS or any sexually transmitted diseases, it's also about us. An us who can be their hope and strength. Not to be those people who do nothing but judge.

I never thought I'm going to be this emotional. This is an awesome book. Go read it!