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The Blood of Olympus

The Blood of Olympus - Rick Riordan With so many battles we fought together. Hardships we both endured. Laughters we shared. Those are precious to me. I'm very happy to know these amazing demigods: Percy, Annabeth, Nico, Leo, Hazel, Frank, Piper, Jason, Reyna, and all those roman/greek demigods. You're too many to mention but I know you know how awesome you guys are.

I'm really crying right now because I'm happy and sad. I still remember the very first day I met Percy and Grover at Yancy Academy. It was the 17th day of April. The very first day I read and finished a book. These two series, are really the reason why I'm still reading till this day. Now, the adventure has officially comes to an end. Oh gods I'm crying again.

Thank you Uncle Rick, for allowing us to spend our days and nights at Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter. For letting us to go aboard the Argo II. It was a tough journey. Retrieving the freaking lightning bolt, crossing the sea of monsters, seing your friends die, escaping the labyrinth, winning a war against titans, saving a goddess, fighting a war again, following the mark of Athena, surviving in tartarus, and defeating the earth goddess.

Okay. That's enough. Let us now talk about the book. Obviously the The Blood of Olympus has only 516 pages which is quite few compare to the preceding books with 553, 574, or 583 pages. And this is a final book, probably the last time you'll see your favorite characters. So I was expecting and craving to see more of the story. But the pacing was just so fast especially with the fighting scene. I wish it was longer.

Having Nico's and Reyna's POVs is surely a yes yes yes to some especially to me. Because we have to understand the series has lots of characters and they need to be seen. And I think they were given enough attention in this book. And It's really good to see how they feel and what they think in their own perspectives.

And also what I really like about the finale is the things that I wanted to see (probably same with the other readers) really happened. And I'm glad about it.

If you're half-way or you've finished already reading this book. It can be understood that there's no more Perco/Percico </3. So sad. But I'm not going to change my username ever. If it's WilCo now. Then WilCo lives!!<br/>
Anyway, this is a great book. Hope you finished the whole series.