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The Demigod Files

The Demigod Files - Rick Riordan If you've loved the Percy Jackson Series, and missed the characters so much. You surely don't want to miss this out. This book- a companion to the said series, set at the time after The Battle of the Layrinth and before the final book- will surely appeal to the fans of Rick's works. So let's talk about the contents of this book. It includes a map of Camp-Half Blood, which is good if you really want to visualize what the camp looks like. There are also interviews with some demigods, including the Stoll Brothers. Which will make us feel closer to them. It also features three different short stories of Percy with different demigods, that's still as dangerous as before. And that will also give us small hints of what will happen to the next book or series. And it also contains informations about the gods, weapons, etc., and games which is a piece of cake, and a sneak peek at The Last Olympian, the last and the final book of the series.

This is good and fun to read because it helps us to know the characters better and to enjoy them more. But the book would be better if more demigods were included to the interview like Thalia, Nico, or Rachel. Because this is their chance to be seen more. And I want more of them. Nevertheless, if you're an avid fan and wanted to be a half-blood like me. You'll like this.