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A Tale of Two Mommies

A Tale of Two Mommies - Vanita Oelschlager, Mike Blanc Vanita Oelschlager created an awesome book again! A Tale of Two Mommies is as beautiful and engaging as to A Tale of Two Daddies. The story is still bright and inspiring with a captivating illustration. Which is really cheerful and cute. The kids are really cute. And so adorable.

As time goes by, more and more same-sex couples are raising children of their own, and this book would help the kids to know that the different is not really that wrong, so they can grow up without confusion. This will explain to them that growing up with a non-traditional family is as normal as growing up with a mom and dad. The conversations are simple so the kids won't find it hard to understand. And surely the art will keep them engage. Highly recommend for kids!!