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The Bells of Times Square

The Bells of Times Square - Amy Lane more of 4.5 stars

Walter was his, and no one could take that away.

Do you know Katy Perry's Thinking of You song? It's one of the few songs I fall in love with. Listening to it everyday. Devouring each lines. Such a beaufiful piece. Well, I'm not here to talk about the song, but that reminds me of this book. Especially, Nate's life after the war. This was a beautiful piece like the song. So emotional and so inspiring. And heartwarming. Loved this story! By the way, this was my first Amy Lane book and this wouldn't be the last.

But truth be told, I had a hard time liking the story at first. Because I felt disengaged with the characters. They seemed so distant and I couldn't find a way to feel them. Like, Walter was doing this and that dramatic stuff, crying and shouting and I was in my room reading that part, emotionless. So I almost decided to DNF it. But, thanks God, as I gave it another try, everything started to click. From the characters, to the plot, to the tension. Everything started to be very good. And I found myself unable to put this down. And asked myself why the hell I even tried to stop reading this book? this heartbreaking beautiful book??

For you, Nate and Walter, why gave me such heartache?? But thanks Amy for the HEA. Don't really know what to do without that. Highly Recommended!!