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Percy Jackson's Greek Heroes

Percy Jackson's Greek Heroes - Rick Riordan, John Rocco oh gods. It's not yet over! I'm freaking out right now.


Hushed - Kelley York Oh gods. This is so beautiful. After reading the Suicide Watch which had totally stolen my heart and now, having this, Kelley York definitely gave me morereasons to love her even more. I don't know how to elaborate my feelings but this is really wonderful. Wait- am I the only who thinks the guy on the cover is cute? He is really cute. Anyway, the tone is obviously dark. Deaths were everywhere.Death. Death. Death. And. Death. And it was quite depressing and heartbreaking to see the characters you used to love died. Just ouch. But at the end of the story each pieces of our broken hearts will be stitched back with hope and love.

Kelley, with no doubt is really great in making fabulous characters. I do really love her characters so much that I am willing and desperate to search fairy godmother, to ask her to bring them to life. And give them warm hugs.

Vivian Hilton, this girl was confusing. I don't know what to feel for her. Compassion? Anger? Annoyance? She had gotten raped by her brother's friends and received no justice after. Her life was ruined. And yet, she chose it to be more miserable. Going out with different guys and letting them to use and hurt her. And she didn't even bother to learn something,and kept doing it again and again. Oh gods. That made me want to slap her. Her terrible childhood experiences probably changed her view of life. And she chose it. And I really really feel bad for her, because she was broken and thought her actions were the right and good thing to do, which obviously were not. And some of us do the sameway. And Archer Pond did the same way. But he learned.

Archer was broken inside. With his mom hating him because of the death of his father. And also his obsession of Vivian. Vivian here. Vivian there. Always for Vivian. Oh gods that was tiring. But after he witnessed the rape of Vivian, he grew up promising to himself to avenge her. And he killed for her and he would do anything for Vivian just to make her happy. But Archer's life wasn't his anymore, it was Vivian's. But things started to change when Evan Bishop cameto his life. Okay. This is it. The best part of the story. I liked how they met. How the sparks flew. And it was awkward and cute. And I was like, at last! Bye bye Vivian! Hellooo Evan!!!

So Evan was the good guy who helped Archer in his worst times and to sort things out. And apparently, he discovered what Archer did in the past. And I was glad he haven't freaked out that much. I told you he was the good guy. The chemistry between this two characters started innocently. Which was superbly cute. I mean they felt awkward sometimes when they were together. Especially Archer every time he felt comfort and happiness in Evan.

This book is awesome. You'll definitely love Archer and Evan. Go read it!

The Demigod Diaries

The Demigod Diaries - Rick Riordan After the The Demigod Files , a companion to the best-selling series Percy Jackson & the Olympians, took us to the inside world of demigods. Here comes another great book that would surely love by every avid fans of the series out there. If you've totally read the first series and reading the next one, I know that there are still some questions on your mind that remained unanswered. And I think this one did a great job to get all those things out of our minds that will give answers to our bucket of questions. And in my opinion, I think Rick really assured that this would appeal to the readers because he included the stuff that what most fans really wanted to see. Yes, there is Percabeth celebrating their first monthsary but with a little twist (yeah, that includes helping another god), the diary of Luke's early life which I think everyone is curious about and of course our dude, Leo Valdez! Who doesn't like that guy?

Okay. There are still few games included in this book that as easy as before, an interview with Hermes's snakes, and also a debut story from Rick Riordan's son, Haley, entitled Son of Magic that will let us know what happened to the demigods who fought in Krono's army, how the mist works, and why monsters can smell demigods. Those are just some of our questions waiting to be unveiled in this book. And I'm assuring you this gonna be a fun read.

Yes, at last! We got a chance to see a small part of Luke Castellan's early life, in his own perspective, with Thalia the way how they struggled to keep themselves alive after running away from their own families. And also how they met such a promising little girl who shared with the same fate named, Annabeth. The short story allows us to see the hardships Luke endured in his life, how he lost his faith to the gods and why he started hating them even his godly father Hermes. But the story focuses more on the day they met Halycon Green, a son of Apollo, and how they managed to escape from his house.

Seeing one of Luke's adventures is great, because I really wanted to know what happenend to him in his own point of view. And I think despite of his wrong deeds, we still like this guy. And as to the other stories, they are still the same as before, like fighting with the most dangerous monsters and managed to keep themselves alive. Since this is a special book like the first one, I really wish to see the heroes in a normal day, I mean a day with NO quest, fighting monsters, or doing another favor from a god. I know I'm not the only one who wants the same thing. Because sometimes it gets tiring, seeing them doing the same thing all over again. Isn't that good to see Percabeth enjoying their date without a quest to think about? Or the other demigods to do their own stuff without worrying about how to kill an annoying earth goddess? That would be really great even in just a day.

And about the debut story of Haley, considering his age at 16, at that moment of writing this book, it is good that he was abled to explain some things to us despite of some flaws and gave us another a new demigod to love. All in all, this is good.

The Demigod Files

The Demigod Files - Rick Riordan If you've loved the Percy Jackson Series, and missed the characters so much. You surely don't want to miss this out. This book- a companion to the said series, set at the time after The Battle of the Layrinth and before the final book- will surely appeal to the fans of Rick's works. So let's talk about the contents of this book. It includes a map of Camp-Half Blood, which is good if you really want to visualize what the camp looks like. There are also interviews with some demigods, including the Stoll Brothers. Which will make us feel closer to them. It also features three different short stories of Percy with different demigods, that's still as dangerous as before. And that will also give us small hints of what will happen to the next book or series. And it also contains informations about the gods, weapons, etc., and games which is a piece of cake, and a sneak peek at The Last Olympian, the last and the final book of the series.

This is good and fun to read because it helps us to know the characters better and to enjoy them more. But the book would be better if more demigods were included to the interview like Thalia, Nico, or Rachel. Because this is their chance to be seen more. And I want more of them. Nevertheless, if you're an avid fan and wanted to be a half-blood like me. You'll like this.

The Blood of Olympus

The Blood of Olympus - Rick Riordan With so many battles we fought together. Hardships we both endured. Laughters we shared. Those are precious to me. I'm very happy to know these amazing demigods: Percy, Annabeth, Nico, Leo, Hazel, Frank, Piper, Jason, Reyna, and all those roman/greek demigods. You're too many to mention but I know you know how awesome you guys are.

I'm really crying right now because I'm happy and sad. I still remember the very first day I met Percy and Grover at Yancy Academy. It was the 17th day of April. The very first day I read and finished a book. These two series, are really the reason why I'm still reading till this day. Now, the adventure has officially comes to an end. Oh gods I'm crying again.

Thank you Uncle Rick, for allowing us to spend our days and nights at Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter. For letting us to go aboard the Argo II. It was a tough journey. Retrieving the freaking lightning bolt, crossing the sea of monsters, seing your friends die, escaping the labyrinth, winning a war against titans, saving a goddess, fighting a war again, following the mark of Athena, surviving in tartarus, and defeating the earth goddess.

Okay. That's enough. Let us now talk about the book. Obviously the The Blood of Olympus has only 516 pages which is quite few compare to the preceding books with 553, 574, or 583 pages. And this is a final book, probably the last time you'll see your favorite characters. So I was expecting and craving to see more of the story. But the pacing was just so fast especially with the fighting scene. I wish it was longer.

Having Nico's and Reyna's POVs is surely a yes yes yes to some especially to me. Because we have to understand the series has lots of characters and they need to be seen. And I think they were given enough attention in this book. And It's really good to see how they feel and what they think in their own perspectives.

And also what I really like about the finale is the things that I wanted to see (probably same with the other readers) really happened. And I'm glad about it.

If you're half-way or you've finished already reading this book. It can be understood that there's no more Perco/Percico </3. So sad. But I'm not going to change my username ever. If it's WilCo now. Then WilCo lives!!<br/>
Anyway, this is a great book. Hope you finished the whole series.


VIcious - V.E. Schwab I'm freaking excited right now!!!

Okay! Keepers and Crews!!!
Time to do some jumping jacks and push-ups. 'Cause there are still more histories's butts to kick!!

Just Between Us

Just Between Us - J.H. Trumble Why are you doing this Curtis?

But I know why. I can't help myself. I can't let him go. I'm as bound to him as the moon to the earth. He keeps me in orbit; and maybe I do the same for him.

Since when the last time I really cried over a book? Few days ago? Weeks ago? But honestly this story did a great job to get all the freaking emotions out of me. I smiled so wide like a psycho killer clown waiting for the next victim. And I cried silently crawling on my bed that hurt my throat.

A very compelling and heartbreaking novel that spoke to my heart. That opened my eyes wide to the things that needed to be seen and voicers needed to be heard.

J. H Trumble perfectly filled the book with great characters. I felt so close to everyone of them. That I could feel their love, joy, remorse, sadness, anger, fear. Curtis and Luke taught me everything not to stop fighting a battle even there is no assurance of winning. And the worst part is fighting without no one to hold on to. No one to share the burdens that weighing you down. Just fight. You have to.

This is not just about those people who have HIV/AIDS or any sexually transmitted diseases, it's also about us. An us who can be their hope and strength. Not to be those people who do nothing but judge.

I never thought I'm going to be this emotional. This is an awesome book. Go read it!




My Online Secret Admirer

My Online Secret Admirer - J. Tomas I'm overwhelmed with the cuteness of the story. This was fun and easy to read. And the characters were not that hard to like. They were all fantastic and adorable. But I just wish this was longer, though this was still a very cute and funny short story.

Love Is In The Message

Love Is In The Message - RJ Scott When his dad left he had promised her he would be her strength- he'd only been eight but he knew then he would never want to do anything to hurt her.

I imagined a small Luke telling this to his mom when their world seemed to fall apart. It was heartfelt and heartwarming. Seeing an innocent eight year old boy trying to be a brave man in a cruel world. It really did touch me. Apparently, this is the final book in the Love Series and probably the best among the first two. Because the minor characters were also given enough attention. It showed how supportive and great Luke's mom was. And also showing the possibility of Mitchell being with Luke's sister.

I'm very pleased how Cameron turned out to be in this last series. Because he suddenly became this kind of super sweet and very caring boyfriend. And started cracking jokes to Luke which was so cute. Like he treated Luke as his air and he couldn't live without him. Oh god. And I also admired how humble Luke was, to forgive Ryan- the man who almost killed him. That was great.

But I was not really satisfied with the conclusion. Because the story swiftly ended. I was so surprised seeing the words 'The End' so soon. I want more of Luke and Cam. I crave for them! Wish there would be another sequel.

Thirteen Reasons Why

Thirteen Reasons Why - Jay Asher With those glorious reviews and high ratings from the readers. I thought this was going to be a blast but it turned out not. And I always have this soft spot when it comes to death/suicide. But what I got was disapointment. The thirteen reasons why Hannah Barker committed suicide were merely childish. I mean she took her own life just because people didn't do good things to her, someone used her, made fun of her, stole her notes, or whatever the reasons were. Everyone experienced the same thing. Even worst. I was annoyed by it. But the idea of how this book created was great. And also there was this little touch of romance which was cute.

Love Is In The Hallways

Love Is In The Hallways - RJ Scott "Bring it on. 'Cause like it or not, I'm bringing love into these hallways"

Love is overflowing in here. Coming out has never been easy thing to do. With those disgust and humiliation. But seeing your favorite couple conquering those shits. Walking with no trace of fear or shame but with pride instead. That character's development was so empowering. Just ignore those narrow-minded bastards and be yourself. And also the full support of their friends Dan and Mitchell and Luke's family was very heartwarming. And of course I haven't forgotten those hot kisses and they were like: "We did that" "We did" and I was like: Yeah you did that (and fainted again).

Love Is In The Title

Love Is In The Title - RJ Scott "I only saw you looking at me , 'cause I was watching you back"

Oh God. The feeling. It's overflowing. I couldn't stop myself from smiling like an idiot from the very start till the end of story. I had so much fun with the characters. They were adorable. And cute. Especially every time Luke feels awkward talking to the boy of his fantacies, Cameron. And I was like: for God's sake, Luke! You can do it! This sweet cute couple surely made my day. And the part where they were talking alone in the park and had their kisses. I was already fainting.What really made me liking this whole thing is that music put them together. I really listening to music aside from reading books. Just like what Luke said, he used music to block out the shit that sometimes got thrown his way. He nailed it. Seriously, I did really enjoy this a lot.

In Plain Sight

In Plain Sight - Josh Lanyon A short and simple love story that moves my heart. It's not typical for me reading books with middle-aged protagonists. But this really is a good book.

Same with the other mm story, In Plain Sight also shows how being gay affects the entire life of a person and those people who surround him. How it affects your carrer. How people think of you. How they treat you. Almost everything. And that's what makes me feel so sad. That every time I read mm books, there's always this kind of negative atmosphere that being gay is such a big deal like an atomic bomb soon to explode.

Anyway, I like the story between Nash and Glen. It was overwhelming. I wish it was not that short because their chemistry was heartwarming. I just want more of them.

The Runaway Queen

The Runaway Queen - Cassandra Clare, Maureen Johnson Another hot hot guy in Magnus's life? Yes, yet still loveless. And I'm so sure to see more. But the adventure in here is way better than the first one. It's exciting. With the inclusion of french history. The escape of Queen Marie Antoinette, the french revolution etc. And it's funny Magnus naming his monkey after his warlock friend Ragnor. Anyway, the cute guy here is named Axel, close enough to Alec. Seriously, when will Alec really appear in this series? Can't wait to see the Alec-Magnus thing.

What Really Happened in Peru

What Really Happened in Peru - Cassandra Clare, Sarah Rees Brennan A series dedicated to Magnus Bane? Oh c'mon, who doesn't like a hot warlock? With those cat-like eyes? Seriously, when I found out that Cassandra Clare released stories all about Bane, I thought I was the happiest person ever on earth, because the first three books of the Mortal Instruments had limited appearances of Magnus and Alec. And I craved more of them. But guess what, I was not. I was really disappointed with the outcome.

The title obviously says "What Really Happened in Peru" and this one has something to do with why Magnus was banned from Peru by the High Council of Peruvian Warlocks. But at the end, after those unending journey of him, it said that whatever reasons that got him banned from Peru will always be a mystery. Seriously? The adventures of Magnus along with his friends with those monkeys and pirates were quite fun and quite boring. But I never thought of Magnus in a state of being broken-hearted and how it made him insane. It somehow annoyed me. I just didn't like that part. But it was good that Ragnor Fell appeared in this series because I wondered what he was like. Overall, the story was just okay for me.